1heart2lives is a community of heart-healthy champions that support the American Heart Association through several outlets. First, 1heart2lives has an e-commerce shop to raise funds for the AHA through the sales of uniquely designed goods. Second, 1heart2lives features a comprehensive blog of stories from those impacted by heart disease, as well as articles relating to heart health. The blog fulfills the secondary mission of raising awareness about heart disease.

1heart2lives is an excellent study on how to build an e-commerce organization from the ground up. We worked with the client to formulate a mission and vision; develop the branding (the personality of the organization and corresponding design); build the initial beta-phase e-commerce site; and design the first product line. Through each phase of the launch, we had to identify what was working, and what was stalling. Were we targeting the right demographic? Did the designs and price points appeal to that demographic? Was the blog diversified enough to hold an audience long-term? Was the website itself user-friendly? And if not, what needed to change? We sought out expert e-commerce consultation, ran the work through focus groups comprised of the target demographic, and focused on building a network of supporters who were willing to give us honest feedback about every aspect of the organization.

Today, Social Linus continues to implement the changes necessary to allow 1heart2lives to grow and thrive, whether it be through marketing strategy, content creation, product design, or website updates.



Progressive Recovery

Progressive Recovery is an addiction recovery resource specializing in providing content that assists in maintaining long-term, spiritually-based sobriety from substance abuse. Most recovery resources focus on the initial recovery stage, including rehab or the first few years of sobriety. We identified a gap in the available resources for those who have been sober long-term and worked with the client to develop a content-creation plan that would be most accessible to our target demographic.

From there, Social Linus built a website designed to feature podcasts, blogs, interviews, and other story-telling mediums that effectively foster long-term sobriety, as well as support a community of those in recovery. The Progressive Recovery audience continues to grow, and Social Linus continues to think of new and innovative ways to tell their stories and explore their challenges through our digital platform.