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saving you money & making your customers happier

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How I can help you grow

Hey, I’m Shannendoah Gallagher and I am the owner of Social Linus Web Services. I’m on a mission to help cannabis companies grow and reach more of their customers because I see the need for web accessibility, CRO, and local SEO in the cannabis industry and know that with the right support and resources they can thrive in the market, serve more people, and become legacy players in a rapidly expanding industry. Social Linus is focused on helping you:
  • Providing quality website management where you know that the job will always get done
  • Gain a competitive edge by comprehensively meeting the needs of your customers
  • Better understand website best practices and legal requirements so you can avoid time-consuming obstacles related to your website accessibility or search rankings
  • Safeguard customer data, financial information, personal information & more
If this is you, then you’re in the perfect place. Social Linus can help with all your website growth needs as well as your online marketing strategy so that you stay focused on serving your customers and rise above the competition. Our process is simple – we ask you to be not so much a cannabis expert, but an expert on what your clients need and want. And then we do all the hard work for you while you get all of the credit.

My Bio

I’m a designer, artist, and entrepreneur with a passion for helping people tell their stories visually. I have two bachelor’s degrees; Graphic Design and Animation with a minor in Marketing and Advertising from The Southwest University of Design. I’ve won a couple of advertising awards, but it was my time snowboarding and skateboarding that helped me get where I am today.

I spent 10 years making skate and snowboard videos for the sponsors who supported me while I was competing in the USASA, Mountain Dew Tour, and Vans Triple Crown competitions; which was more fun than a few paragraphs can express, but now I’ve moved on to new challenges.

During that time period, I was traveling from event to event. I learned about marketing, branding, and sales from the sales reps, the shop owners, and the product and brand managers at the companies. I was involved in testing a lot of products before they came to market. It was an immersive education and I am forever grateful for those experiences.

What I learned

  • Helping people learn about the product went beyond just telling them the specs and catalog talking points.
  • Listening to their needs and desires for a product provided valuable feedback so that the next version met those demands
  • Caring about others and helping them through the decision-making process created loyalty that positively impacted the bottom line

This is why I started Social Linus Web Services and why I have brought my experience in advertising and marketing to the Cannabis industry.

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