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Step 1: The Snapshot

The best treasures are found by digging deep. The first step we take we go deep into why you started your business, how you deliver value to your target, and who you are. We’ll identify what makes you so damn good at what you do and make you unforgettable.

After your session interview we put our heads together to create and craft your brand identity. Should you choose to have us execute it, we apply the strategy session investment to your Brand Package.

Step 2: alpha brand

Now, we get down to the brass tacks. We’ve finished your interview and highlighted some key insights about you, your voice, and your expertise.

Alpha Brand gives the the tools you need to dominate your market. We create your brand: logos, website, and a killer set of collateral so good that they can’t forget you and we do it in 10 days. That gets you out there with the tools and products to amaze and delight your clients and customers.