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Step 1: The Sniff Test

The best treasures are found by digging deep and we want to hit the jackpot.

The Sniff Test is a 60-minute interview where we learn all about your business and ask a ton of questions about YOU. 

After your Sniff Test interview, we put our heads together to let our creative minds take charge.

We identify your Alpha personality, develop a website strategy, and craft your Alpha Brand Plan which includes 3 rough logo sketches, a color palette suggestion, 2 font pairing suggestions to really capture your Alpha Brand personality, and we’ll suggest a target market that will be more responsive to your message. Then we put it all together for you in a digital brief.

Step 2: The Alpha Brand

Now, we give your bark some bite! We apply all of the work from The Sniff Test and create a brand that separates you from the rest of the pack. 

Alpha Brand gives you the tools and positioning to dominate your niche.

We will deliver a complete logo package, a branded website, a killer set of collateral that we recommend.

The best part is we do it in 10 business days.