4 Apps That Make Your Marketing Content Pop!

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By now, every business owner knows how important it is to market on social platforms like FacebookInstagram, Twitter, etc. But what many struggle with is how to get your content to stand out on these platforms, in the midst of the millions of other posts streaming through your customers’ feeds. Here are 4 apps that will make your content pop and get customers to stop scrolling and start engaging:


1. Typorama

Typorama is a great graphics app that allows the user to overlay quotes and messages on images. You can either use one of their many stock photos, or choose one from your own camera roll. Then type in your text, style it for maximum pop, and instantly share to any number of platforms. The key to using Typorama is to not start spamming your feed with endless ads and clichéd quotes; it’s bringing value to your ideal customer. Using Typorama to share a great tip or trick, a promo you’re running that will bring value to them, will get more engagement from your audience.


2. Legend

Want to take your text posts up a notch? Use Legend to animate the words on your image. Just like Typorama, Legend give you numerous text styles and formats to choose from. But unlike Typorama, Legend animates the text on an endless loop that will grab readers scrolling by. Use Legend to feature a beautiful product, interesting idea, and more!


3. Hyperlapse and Boomerang

Hyperlapse and Boomerang are Instagram apps, designed to create extremely short video clips that are either incredibly sped up in a time lapse (Hyperlapse), or play back and forth in an updated, more sophisticated GIF-like play mode (Boomerang). Again, used to bring value to your customers, these apps can bring diversity and interest to your feeds. Because humans are naturally attracted to nice, shiny new things apps like Hyperlapse stand out and grab our attention.


4. Quik

Last, and my personal favorite, Quik allows you to make short, edited videos with text overlay and music, right on your phone. Quik is a GoPro app, the same people who brought us the little camera that allows us to see what our cat did all day while we were at work, or the perspective of someone jumping out of a perfectly good airplane. Quik has you upload pictures and video clips right off your phone, then you choose the order and playback style, add some optional music, determine the pacing, and you’re good to go. Because of the way Quik uses images already on your phone, you can combine what you created in other apps into a short video. For instance, here’s a video we made for a client using a combination of slides made in Typorama, and then uploaded into Quik:



It’s easy to go down the rabbit hole playing with these apps. I’m now the Scorsese of cat videos, and it’s taking a lot of self-control to not unleash hours of Hyperlapsed cat footage on my Facebook feed. But the key to using any of these apps remains the same: make your business shine by bringing value to the customer.

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