5 Ways to Repurpose your Content Posts

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Are you looking at some blank lines in your blog writing schedule? Stuck on an idea to drive more traffic to your blog? We’ve been there a few times and it can be frustrating to sit and stare at the page demanding ideas to pour out of our heads into something brilliant. In these instances, the best solution to moving forward is to look to the past; specifically your old posts. Here’s five tactics to get you mivng again and never have to stare down the screen wishing for brilliance to appear like a Fairy Godmother right before the Ball.

First step: Identify Content to Repurpose

When you start combing through the blog archives ask yourself a few short questions:

  • Does the article get organic traffic?
  • Does it contain any high ranking keywords?
  • Does it have content that needs updating?

Great, you have a handful of blog entries that meet the criteria. Here’s 5 ways to repurpose them and start promoting them to get new traffic and gather new leads from your old blog posts.


Second Step: Pick one and run with it


1. Cheat Sheets:


google plus cheat sheet-resized-600.jpg

Image from blog.Hubspot.com


Condense all of the important information into a one or two page download that can be skimmed in 2-3 minutes. Include a summary of the information in the article and any new information updated since the original publishing.


2. Checklists




Image by LearnWP via Pinterest


Transform your content into actionable step by step instructions. Educational content is best for this format, especially if your goal is to have people replicate your successes. Checklists are great as a reference that people use continually as they work toward their own goals.





Image by Hodderscape


An elegant and engaging way to gather content in a way that gets people to want to look at it. The infographic is also an excellent way to reinforce the branding of the content as you have more opportunity to craft something spectacular that speaks to the intended audience like these 14 tips from Hodderscape.com





Image by Social Linus Media


Take all of your notes and posts related to a topic and compile them into a comprehensive Ebook that your audience can download as a valuable resource or as a how to instructional book. If your goal is to guide people through a process then a more involved instructional book is a great way to start because of the detailed instructions and insight it contains.


Blog Posts as Answers


Screen Shot 2017-03-09 at 4.07.57 PM.png


screenshot from quora.com


Answer questions using content and excerpts from your blog posts on sites like Alignable, Quora, or reddit and then link back to the original post. This is also a brilliant tactic for driving traffic to old posts. Key factors: answer their questions in a way that you would like somebody to respond to you; give them some value relevant to their problem; drop the link in at the bottom back to the original post that answers their question in greater depth and detail.


Use these five tactics to fill the holes in your content schedule and share the love with more people who may have missed it the first time around. Over time you will find that you never run out of content to promote.


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