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My Process

Taking the guesswork and mystery out of what I do for you.

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The Brief

I’ll help you take a deep look to find the truth about why you need a website. We’ll take that information and the results you are trying to achieve to create a plan to reach those goals. The questions may feel intrusive and uncomfortable. This is part of the process, let’s embrace that discomfort and we can grow from there.

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The Sitemap

With the information we gather from the brief I’ll build a sitemap to illustrate the brand story we are trying to tell and the way to structure it effectively.

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The Prototype

I’ll take the plans that we have drawn up and start constructing interactive foundation and frame to show you how it will work on a secure review page. It’s going to be stripped down to the bare studs, but it will let you see where everything is located and how it will work. At this stage, we’re not focused on making it pretty, but we’re ready to advance to that phase once this is complete.

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The Design

This is where we get to apply colors, play with the font choices, and make your site look like an excellent extension of your brand.

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The Delivery

Huzzah! The end is near. I’ll take a couple of weeks to test all of the links and integrations before publishing your site to your host server and to the world.

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