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Progressive Recovery

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Progressive Recovery is an addiction recovery resource specializing in providing content that assists in maintaining long-term, spiritually-based sobriety from substance abuse. Most recovery resources focus on the initial recovery stage, including rehab or the first few years of sobriety. We identified a gap in the available resources for those who have been sober long-term and worked with the client to develop a content-creation plan that would be most accessible to our target demographic.

From there, Social Linus built a website designed to feature podcasts, blogs, interviews, and other story-telling mediums that effectively foster long-term sobriety, as well as support a community of those in recovery. The Progressive Recovery audience continues to grow, and Social Linus continues to think of new and innovative ways to tell their stories and explore their challenges through our digital platform.

Project Details

Client Progressive Recovery
Date Ongoing client
Skills Branding, Content Strategy, Web Design, Podcast & Video production
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Progressive Recovery Podcast

During the course of the project, we heard from a number of Progressive Recovery’s audience that they were seeking something more interactive and that they could use outside of the workshops and seminars. From that insight, we decided to launch the podcast and utilize a few segmentations to direct the focus of each podcast series from a single focus ongoing episodic podcast to podcast series that use the stories of other people on to explain in an accessible context the different steps of the 12 step recovery program.

Guest Bloggers

As the Progressive Recovery community has grown through the podcasts, written blog posts and live workshops on the East and West Coasts a number of recovery center coordinators have reached out for information about Progressive Recovery. From these interactions, a number of in-person workshops were booked for our client that yielded new subscribers and a growing number of people with fantastic contributions that we advised our client to utilize and begin collaborating with his community. The results have been incredibly positive for him as it has resulted in more workshops in more facilities and an expanding practice with an engaged audience.

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