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Seeing True is the key resource center, blog, and online shop for the author and speaker Ron Chapman. Seeing True™ refers to a moment of epiphany that is so pronounced that subsequent changes in direction or behavior are dramatically altered for the better. In the Seeing True framework, the focus is on transformation as the desired result and forgiveness and relationships as the spaces in which we practice.

Project Details

Client Seeing True
Date Ongoing
Skills Branding, Web Design, E-commerce, Content Strategy and Creation
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We worked with the Seeing True team to develop a website that was bright, informative, and easy to update in order to keep it fresh and useful for their audience. Every part, from the Instagram feed in the sidebar to the call to action for the newsletter to the blogroll on the home page, is intended to create a community and help the user feel connected and inspired.


The Seeing True shop is a revenue-generator to help support its initiatives that are often free or of very little charge. We worked with Seeing True to develop a product line, build an online shop, and integrate it with the main website. Each design is custom made and printed on-demand to keep the shop itself economically viable and easy to maintain.

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