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The Skimmer Scooper

The Skimmer Scooper 1

Bringing a new product to the marketplace is no small task, and it requires extensive work creating the brand and marketing materials necessary to connect with the target audience. We worked with Eruptech, the company behind the pool cleaning machine The Skimmer Scooper, to develop the branding materials and create an explainer video that can be used on the website to educate potential customers about this unique device.

Project Details

Client Eruptech Inc.
Date 2/2017
Skills Brand Identity, Video Production, Marketing Strategy

Video Production

From developing the initial concept to writing the script, shooting the footage, and even providing the voiceover, we produced the explainer video for The Skimmer Scooper to educate and excite potential customers. We worked with the clients to get a feel for the target audience and what message they wanted to convey to that audience to develop the website’s video ahead of the annual CES Convention in Las Vegas.


The Skimmer Scooper is a pool-cleaning machine that isn’t like anything else on the market. Therefore the branding would have to educate as well as inspire the customer. We developed a logo that referenced the machine’s conveyer belt functionality, with a color scheme influenced by water.

The Skimmer Scooper 2