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The Sniff Test

How long do you want to keep barking up the wrong tree

– or chasing cars you’ll never catch

– when you could be working on building your loyal pack?

We build beautiful, simple to maintain websites and brands for small business owners and solopreneurs who are frustrated with having to do it themselves – or don’t know where to start in the first place – even if they have no idea what kind of website they need.

We always start with The Sniff Test because we must understand your unique business so we can best serve your website and branding needs. Additionally, this outcome will help you clearly communicate your value to your target client or customer. 

What You Get:

  • Identify your Alpha Brand personality and how you can stand out in the market
  • 3 logo sketches to show unique ownership of your brand
  • 1 wide color palette with 3-5 color swatches that show your brand’s personality
  • 2 font pairing recommendations  w/ examples
  • Website strategy recommendations to help attract the best clients and customers

You can then choose to have us execute the plan in Alpha Brand or Best in Show, OR take it with you until you’re ready to grow.


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