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What We Do



Marketing is a constantly evolving industry, which means there’s a good chance you have lots of questions. Or perhaps you just want someone knowledgeable to sound an idea off of. Whatever it is, Social Linus is committed to helping you make the right choices for your business or organization.



Branding shows your business or organization’s unique ownership of its place in the market. Social Linus will work with you to develop your brand, and then create all of the materials necessary to reach your target client or customer. We handle everything from digital advertising, to printed collateral including business cards and one-sheets.


Add Value

As retail models grow and change, one thing is certain: ecommerce is here to stay. The low overhead and increased reach of selling goods through an online shop makes it possible for anyone to participate in ecommerce. Social Linus builds and manages ecommerce websites, designs marketing plans, and provides the initial customer service in order to get your online shop up and running.

Growth Driven


Is your website working for you, or is it simply hanging out and taking up real estate on the internet? A website that is focused on growth-driven design is fluid, always evolving to best meet your customer’s needs, and focused on generating leads for your business. Social Linus builds and maintains websites designed to grow and produce results for your business or organization.


Share your story 

Digital marketing is increasingly moving towards an inbound model: instead of blasting expensive ads to a vast, unresponsive audience, we use targeted original content to bring the ideal customer to you. Social Linus writes blogs, designs targeted digital ads, creates email templates and newsletters, and more in order to maximize your marketing budget and find the highest quality customers or clients.


More Views

One of the best ways to grow an audience for your business or organization is to create original content that adds value for your target client or customer. Social Linus records and edits short video clips; records and produces podcasts; and creates any other audio/visual need your business or organization may have.

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Our Mission and Commitment

Social Linus Media is a full-service digital marketing agency specializing in providing concierge-level services to our clients. We go beyond simply inbound marketing to providing consultation, strategy, and a wide range of services to connect your business or organization with the ideal customer or client.

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We are 100% committed to collaboration with our clients to help them connect with their customers in a new, meaningful way. We believe that the most successful organizations master the relationship first, and the sale second. We believe that focusing on your organization's unique personality is the key to standing apart from your competition, and fostering loyalty from your customers. And we believe in helping others succeed, in any way that we can.

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